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Review: CrossFit Central Wellington

The Box:

0630hs on a weekday morning.  The second and final morning class of the day and CrossFit Central Wellington is totally packed out.  Just like the 0530hs class.  Why?  How is it that a box that seems to lack some of the core CrossFit principles can attract so many people?  From what I can see, the central Wellington location on Taranaki Street is enviable – easy to get to before and after work, with some good after-hours parking.  Second, owner Mike, is proactive – he was very prompt in responding to my request for a session, and followed up afterwards with further invitations to join the box.  The box is also involved in quite a few New Zealand-wide CrossFit competitions.

If you read a few of my posts you´ll soon pick up on what I consider to be the pros and cons of a box.  Friends, post-WOD activities, competitions and general culture are things that you experience with time at a box and I appreciate that I can´t pick up on all the nuances of a box in just one session.  But one visit is certainly time enough to form something of an opinion.

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Review: Toa CrossFit

Central Wellington, New Zealand

Ryan and Josie

Ryan and Josie after a Toa WO

The Box:
Toa CrossFit´s slogan “We Will Break You” says a lot about this box. They like to programme long work outs, especially with Saturday “Beast WODs”, some topping an hour, which will have you slogging up hills with burpees, push ups, lunges, more running, more burpees…But then, one of their goals is to turn you into a “lean, mean, fighting machine”.  The few times I visited I happened to land more standard WODs, and managed to walk out of there with my body still in one piece.

Owner Ryan is friendly and passionate about his box, even joining us on the warm up jog around the block. He was very welcoming and invited me to return at any time. Ryan has a long history in the personal training world, having worked in many standard gyms and as a weightlifting coach. Having seen the benefits of CrossFit, he´s switched his focus, drawing on his previous skills. Read the rest of this entry

Review: MaD CrossFit

Petone, Wellington, New Zealand

The Box:
For me, MaD CrossFit is home, so it´s hard for me to not be biased. Of all the boxes I´ve visited I maintain that this is one of the best. Although this is obviously due to the year I spent training there, getting to know the coaches, the routine and being involved in the MaD CrossFit community, you can´t argue that the quality of the coaches, programming and people is definitely very high.

Bad As chicks

The MaD girls at the 2012 Bad As female weightlifting comp


Matt and Donna, the owners of MaD, are enthusiastic coaches with a lot of experience. Having been certified CrossFit coaches since 2008, they´ve subsequently got a number of other certifications under their belts. Their experience shows in their ability to teach good form, correct poor form and run well-programmed classes that include stretching, mobility, weightlifting, skills practise and WODs. Read the rest of this entry