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Review: CrossFit ALC. Alicante, Spain.

During the month I trained at CrossFit ALC in Alicante, Spain, I was constantly asked “Por que??!”.   Why Alicante?  This is a city known for attracting hoards of German tourists during summer who flock to the beach, even though the city itself isn’t particularly pretty.  Why would a travelling CrossFitter choose to base herself here?  Bright lights and shining stars – Carl Paoli, Mr GWOD himself is part-owner of this impressive box, located on Spain’s stunning Costa Blanca.

The CrossFit ALC coaches - Javi, Miguel, Martin and Monica

Glad I shaved my legs.  The CrossFit ALC coaches – Javi, Miguel, Martin and Monica

Seeking training experience in a European box, I was sure that a box owned by someone like Paoli would guarantee good coaching, programming and experience.  Oh, and Annie Thorisdottir was due for a visit with Paoli sometime in the summer.  My short time at CrossFit ALC certainly taught me a lot, including the fact that, although this is a solid box, a name is only part of a puzzle. Read the rest of this entry


Review: Functional Strength CrossFit

Rosedale, Auckland

The Box

Functional Strength CrossFit is a place for people serious about their training.  The facilities are awesome, the location prime and, with former Olympian Richie Patterson for an owner, it’s unsurprising that the coaching standards are high.

When I visited, Functional Strength CrossFit had only just moved into their awesome new Rosedale premises from the Millennium Center.  The move was well worth the wait.  With a massive space split into weightlifting and CrossFit areas, there’s heaps of room for everyone to get a good session in. Read the rest of this entry