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7 Reasons Why CrossFit Makes You a Bad Employee

Yes, being a CrossFitter has its carryover benefits for many an employee, but at times a CrossFitter’s habits can be a distraction at work.  Any of these sound familiar?

1. All CrossFitters talk about is CrossFit.
Water cooler conversations are likely to be drawn out as a CrossFitter tries to impart the benefits of the sport on a colleague, or shares WOD stories with a fellow athlete.

2. CrossFitters are restless. Read the rest of this entry


My Articles in the Tabata Times

Check out my articles published recently in the Tabata Times.

Realising Potential via 13.4

“I was a last minute entrant to CrossFit’s 2013 Open competition.  I’d done hundreds of WODs and strength sessions in my first year at MaD CrossFit …  I was fitter, faster, stronger and leaner than ever but I had never come close to what I thought was competition standard.  In addition, three months of travelling and “box jumping” around the north of the country had me performing below my own standard,..I just couldn’t see the point of taking part but…”

Record Hopeful Turn to CrossFit for Swimming Kick

“Adding CrossFit strength and conditioning training to an already-tough regime has boosted the ability of a top swimmer hoping to break the English Channel crossing record, in ways he hadn’t expected…”

Casey Glover

Casey Glover