From Wellington to Dubai, Madrid to Oslo….CrossFit is everywhere.  Whether you´re looking for a box in your home town or want to check one out while on the road, you´ll find that every box is different.  Which boxes stick tightly to the CrossFit formula? Which have different ideas?  Which coaches are fastidious about technique?  Which are the most welcoming?

Check out the summaries (from my point of view) of the boxes I´ve visited, of how they´re run and what you´re likely to find there.

New Zealand Boxes
Cameron Crossfit
CrossFit Auckland
CrossFit Birkenhead
CrossFit Central Wellington
CrossFit HPU
CrossFit Infinite
CrossFit Manukau
CrossFit New Market
CrossFit New Zealand
CrossFit Quattro
CrossFit Queenstown
CrossFit Waikato
MaD CrossFit
Rapid CrossFit
Toa CrossFit
Spanish Boxes
CrossFit ALC
CrossFit Krig-Retiro
CrossFit La Forja
Entreno Cruzado CrossFit
Reebok CrossFit BCN
Urban Box CrossFit
Other Locations
Reebok CrossFit LifeSpark



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