Review: CrossFit Trondheim. Norway

Given that Oslo, Norway’s capital, had surprised me with its small size, green suburbs and quiet atmosphere, I hadn’t expected much from a CrossFit box 500km to its north in a random town called, Trondheim, especially given that the only reason I was there was to visit an amazing friend.

I better straighten out my misconceptions quickly.  For starters, Trondheim is beautiful.  It has bars, restaurants and quirky streets hugging the long arm of one of Norway’s 1,190 fjords.  Secondly, this is no sleepy hollow; but a city bursting with students and many tourists.  And thirdly, the CrossFit box up that way is totally legit.

Coach Mya at CrossFit Trondheim

Coach Mya at CrossFit Trondheim

I took my chances, turning up to CrossFit Trondheim without having contacted it previously (I hadn’t thought I’d have time to get there at all), and was lucky to meet some pretty cool people.  The coaches were very welcoming, inviting me to join one of their beginner sessions, and even encouraged my friend to give it a go.

Two hours later, after a stroll around the city, we were back and found ourselves part of a very large beginner’s class.  They had two running that morning, an indication of how much CrossFit was booming up this way.  As the first class ran over time and took up most of CrossFit Trondheim’s massive gym, we did our class outside on the dead-end street.  This worked fine – it was a nice, cool day (I don’t think it ever gets particularly hot in Norway), and there was no traffic around.

Street workout at CrossFit Trondheim

Street workout at CrossFit Trondheim

Our two coaches explained to the anxious newbies how the work out would proceed and we jumped straight into a warm up, involving movements based on those included in the WOD.

All instructions were given in Norwegian (it’s such a different sounding language!) but I managed to follow along by watching their examples and going off my previous experience.

Warm up done and BOOM!  We were straight into it, sprinting up a very steep hill.  This was PAINFUL!  The WOD was a tough one, especially for beginners, and was a good example of how a WOD can always challenge you, regardless of your fitness, as it comes down to how much you put into the work out.


Burpees suck no matter what the time zone

Burpees suck no matter what the time zone



1x steep 25m hill sprint
10x G2OH with 10kg plate
10x pull ups
10x burpees
10x KBS (16kg)


I have to say that it was a pretty impressive beginner’s class – some of those people were already seriously fit!  Perhaps a representation of the natural athletic nature of the Norwegians?

The coaches at CrossFit Trondheim wandered around during the class fixing form and encouraging us through the tough WOD.  Given the high number of reps, I think it was good to have form corrected as we were going as there is nothing worse than smashing out 50 reps to find out you’ve been doing them wrong, potentially risking injury along the way.

We took a big group photo after the class – no idea why, but it was fun.  I wish I’d also made some time for a stretch – over the next few days, my body – which was getting more used to casually strolling around amazing cities than hitting the gym – was rather sore!

CrossFit Trondheim newbies team shot

CrossFit Trondheim newbies team shot

It would be interesting to be a part of a regular CrossFit Trondheim class to see the size and how they work.  From what I saw, it appeared to be a young, growing and professional gym, with some very attractive members!

Mya was a young, enthusiastic, effective coach, rocking an amazing booty.  She also explained all of the movements thoroughly.  They didn’t take the details of any of the newbies, however, and I struggle to understand how they can feel comfortable conducting a class with people they know nothing about.




More info:

Drop-in date: 17/8/13


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