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You’d struggle to find a CrossFit gym cheaper than Cameron CrossFit.  At $26.50 per week, including access to 75 general fitness classes and training sessions like boxing, stretching and “Sunday Super Circuits”, this seems to be a pretty good deal.  And with professional boxer Shane Cameron as an owner and a very visible presence around the place, you might very well wonder why it’s so cheap.  So what do you really get?

Getting weight overhead during a CrossFit Games Open WOD

Getting weight overhead during a CrossFit Games Open WOD

Attending Cameron CrossFit was an interesting experience for me as I managed to get there once a week for over a month, making it one of the only boxes other than MaD CrossFit that I have attended regularly.  My first session happened to be the day before registrations for the CrossFit Games Open competition were to close.  I was welcomed to the box with a lot of enthusiasm, was introduced to the class, encouraged by name throughout the work out and was soon being convinced to enter the Open.  I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.

I was essentially box-less – having left Wellington and MaD CrossFit a couple of months prior, but had suddenly found myself a temporary home.  I like fuzzies.  I signed up for the open.



Kettle Bell snatch (21 each arm)
Pull ups


I was definately impressed by the coaching and instructions I received from the Cameron CrossFit coaches.  Movements were broken down clearly and demonstrated well.  During the Games WODs they were very serious about WODs being executed with perfect form, following all the rules, as they didn’t intend on becoming the butt of any CrossFit jokes or gossip.

Thrusters always become tough after a few reps!

Thrusters always become tough after a few reps!

Although I was always made to feel very welcome by the coaches, and found most of the members to be quite friendly, I have to admit that after a couple of sessions I did notice the egos that bounce around the place.  I’m totally happy for your ripped abs and eye-popping thighs, but don’t forget where you’ve come from, that you too once had over 20% body fat.  You worked hard, and the rest of us are trying to do the same.  Be nice.

The Cameron CrossFit space was very small, in a carpeted room attached to the main Shane Cameron Fitness gym area (which is itself very impressive).  With a short pull up rack against a wall and rings through the middle, unfortunately it wasn’t the easiest space to work in.  My first WOD class and only non-Games WOD, was small, so it worked in the space, but all of the other WODS had to be run in heats of 6-8 people due to the space limitations.  The equipment itself was basic but decent.  While I was there, there was a lot of talk about moving into a bigger part of the gym –  a definate must.  I’m not sure if they already have??

I feel like Shane Cameron woke up one day and wondered what would happen if he added a CrossFit box to his gym.  The box seems temporary and like not much effort has gone into it.  I know that Cameron CrossFit organises various camps, weekends and courses for members and that they have a lot of fun.  I think that if a few things were tightened up and egos were kept in check to keep that good community vibe going, this could be a decent box.  And it’s a huge bonus to have CrossFit at such an accessible price.

Me and my buddy Gaz

Me and my buddy Gaz

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