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Review: CrossFit Waikato

The Box

I finished my session at CrossFit Waikato feeling very happy and positive, largely due to the strong “whanau” atmosphere at the box that had made me feel so comfortable and welcome.  This is a box where everyone knows each other, they all seem to get along, crack jokes throughout the session, and even have an “aunty” who they constantly defer to.

CrossFit Waikato

My WOD partners at CrossFit Waikato

Owner Johnny Gillett replied to my drop-in request immediately, greeted me warmly when I turned up after a long drive from Wellington and made time to chat with me while the previous class was finishing.  He asked about my background, fitness and injuries, although there was no filling out of forms.  This is a guy with a history in the sports industry, and it shows, through his ability to relate professionally but comfortably with everyone in his box.

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Review: CrossFit Central Wellington

The Box:

0630hs on a weekday morning.  The second and final morning class of the day and CrossFit Central Wellington is totally packed out.  Just like the 0530hs class.  Why?  How is it that a box that seems to lack some of the core CrossFit principles can attract so many people?  From what I can see, the central Wellington location on Taranaki Street is enviable – easy to get to before and after work, with some good after-hours parking.  Second, owner Mike, is proactive – he was very prompt in responding to my request for a session, and followed up afterwards with further invitations to join the box.  The box is also involved in quite a few New Zealand-wide CrossFit competitions.

If you read a few of my posts you´ll soon pick up on what I consider to be the pros and cons of a box.  Friends, post-WOD activities, competitions and general culture are things that you experience with time at a box and I appreciate that I can´t pick up on all the nuances of a box in just one session.  But one visit is certainly time enough to form something of an opinion.

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Review: CrossFit Queenstown

The Box:
In an adventure haven like Queenstown you could almost be forgiven for not finding time to  visit the local CrossFit box.  In New Zealand´s adrenalin capital you can spend your days hiking, mountain biking, rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking…but for a CrossFit fanatic there´s always time to check out a new box.  I managed to get to CrossFit Queenstown twice in ten days.

With Steve at CrossFit Queenstown - awesome spot for a box!

With Steve at CrossFit Queenstown – awesome spot for a box!


CrossFit Queenstown was still in its early stages when I passed through in January 2013.  Owners Steve and Graham (who was due to move on shortly) had set up in one of the side rooms of the local Events Center, with plans to move locations when there were able, which they have now done.  With the spirit of good ol´ Kiwi ingenuity (not that either of them are Kiwis) they were making things work as best  they could.

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