Review: MaD CrossFit

Petone, Wellington, New Zealand

The Box:
For me, MaD CrossFit is home, so it´s hard for me to not be biased. Of all the boxes I´ve visited I maintain that this is one of the best. Although this is obviously due to the year I spent training there, getting to know the coaches, the routine and being involved in the MaD CrossFit community, you can´t argue that the quality of the coaches, programming and people is definitely very high.

Bad As chicks

The MaD girls at the 2012 Bad As female weightlifting comp


Matt and Donna, the owners of MaD, are enthusiastic coaches with a lot of experience. Having been certified CrossFit coaches since 2008, they´ve subsequently got a number of other certifications under their belts. Their experience shows in their ability to teach good form, correct poor form and run well-programmed classes that include stretching, mobility, weightlifting, skills practise and WODs. Warm ups are tightly related to the exercises to be performed that day, and extra-curricular mobility is always encouraged. Every movement of a WOD is run through every session. Although this may seem like a bit much sometimes, this ensures that new members don´t miss anything and old members are always reminded. In addition, different coaches bring different points to the table which is helpful.  MaD is also running CrossFit Kids, Gymnastics and Endurance clases.
This is a welcoming box with a varied membership, from young rugby players to older ladies and everyone in between. You get burpees if you´re late and a sharp word from Donna if you don´t introduce yourself to a newbie. Gear doesn´t get put away until everyone has finished their WOD and members encourage each other to the last second. Regular “Bring a Friend” days and box BBQs make this a social place, with people turning up to class early to roll out while catching up with friends. And let´s be honest, it would have to be a pretty good place to be to have people turning up early to a 6am class!
The space itself is large and open, with weightlifting platforms, racks, a pull up structure, various climbing ropes and new flooring for the main workout area. The equipment is good quality and it´s the only gym I´ve been to that has pink barbell plates for the ladies! New PBs are celebrated on a white board and high scores on the “girl” WODs are tracked on a permanent white board.
MaD runs various CrossFit and community fundraising events, including the annual women´s weightlifting competition “Bad As”, oly and weightlifting courses.
It was amazing to see the progress of some members over the year and the members´ testimonials speak for themselves.

The WOD:
Partner WOD, full reps each:
750m row while other does front rack hold (30kg)
50 burpees + overhead hold (15kg)
50 thrusters (25kg) + plank hold
More info:

The MaD rules.

The MaD rules.


About Josinta

I am passionate about travel, CrossFit and writing and have combined all three in my blog - boxjumping. A Level 1 certified CrossFit trainer, I am visiting as many CrossFit boxes as I can during my travels. This has opened many doors - I´ve been to random parts of cities, met awesome people and seen the myriad of ways a CrossFit box can be run. I also CouchSurf - another awesome way to meet locals and end up in areas you never expected. I like hidden corners, local flavours, sitting in a cosy café with my journal, lying on a hot beach with a book. I like flexibility. I like freedom. I like learning about myself, other people, about the world. Life is a journey, they say, but it is also short and full of the unexpected. I am making the most of mine.

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  1. travelingbybicycle2013

    hola woooaa¡ me encantò tu blog, te seguire¡ te mando un abrazo y estamos en contacto. espero algun dia tener la oportunidad de verte de nuevo. besos.

  2. Gracias loca! La tuya también la voy a seguir para no olvidarme del espíritu de aventurera quw tenemos cuando estamos fuera de nuestros países. Es fácil volver a perderse en la rutina cotidiana. …

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