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Balancing WODs and play

Are you a pro-CrossFitter? A pro-athlete? No. Me neither. But do you work out hard, watch your nutrition and feel proud when you tell people you´re a CrossFitter? Yep. Me too.

We´ve all got our own reasons for doing CrossFit – to get stronger, faster, lose weight, hit PBs and master complex movements we´d never have considered doing before walking into a box that first time.

But it can be easy to get caught up in numbers, percentages, moves and WODs and forget the broader benefits that increased fitness gives us. We can also forget the more general reasons why we dedicate so much time and energy to working out. Read the rest of this entry


Galicia: The Spain Chaos Forgot

While there´s nothing quite like discovering another 14th century cathedral nestled amongst the narrow, winding streets of a tiny village, if you spend long enough in Spain you´ll likely find that you´ve got tapas coming out of your ears, wine through your pores and that all of these little villages start blurring into one.

This is the time to discover another side of Spain.  A side that will make you pause and ask: “Hang on, where am I again?”.  That is until you walk into another tapas bar because, let´s be honest, they´re something that you´ll never escape in this beautiful green country.  Green?! Let´s go to Galicia… Read the rest of this entry

My Articles in the Tabata Times

Check out my articles published recently in the Tabata Times.

Realising Potential via 13.4

“I was a last minute entrant to CrossFit’s 2013 Open competition.  I’d done hundreds of WODs and strength sessions in my first year at MaD CrossFit …  I was fitter, faster, stronger and leaner than ever but I had never come close to what I thought was competition standard.  In addition, three months of travelling and “box jumping” around the north of the country had me performing below my own standard,..I just couldn’t see the point of taking part but…”

Record Hopeful Turn to CrossFit for Swimming Kick

“Adding CrossFit strength and conditioning training to an already-tough regime has boosted the ability of a top swimmer hoping to break the English Channel crossing record, in ways he hadn’t expected…”

Casey Glover

Casey Glover

Review: Toa CrossFit

Central Wellington, New Zealand

Ryan and Josie

Ryan and Josie after a Toa WO

The Box:
Toa CrossFit´s slogan “We Will Break You” says a lot about this box. They like to programme long work outs, especially with Saturday “Beast WODs”, some topping an hour, which will have you slogging up hills with burpees, push ups, lunges, more running, more burpees…But then, one of their goals is to turn you into a “lean, mean, fighting machine”.  The few times I visited I happened to land more standard WODs, and managed to walk out of there with my body still in one piece.

Owner Ryan is friendly and passionate about his box, even joining us on the warm up jog around the block. He was very welcoming and invited me to return at any time. Ryan has a long history in the personal training world, having worked in many standard gyms and as a weightlifting coach. Having seen the benefits of CrossFit, he´s switched his focus, drawing on his previous skills. Read the rest of this entry

Review: CrossFit Auckland

Mairangi Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
Mairangi Bay Beach

Mairangi Bay Beach, just down the road from CrossFit Auckland

The Box:

Opened in 2008, CrossFit Auckland was one of New Zealand´s first CrossFit boxes.  The box is professionally run by friendly staff.  My initial email was replied to quickly and upon arrival I was asked to fill out a form with all my details, including injuries, which we then discussed.  Surprisingly, a number of boxes will let you just walk in the door with no questions about your physical state.  My information was filed away and subsequently found when I went back for another session a few months later, which I was impressed by.

The class size was quite big, but in the large space and with a good coach this didn´t appear to be a problem.  I was introduced to the other members as a drop-in and a received a warm welcome, and subsequent encouragement during the workout, which I appreciated. Read the rest of this entry

Review: MaD CrossFit

Petone, Wellington, New Zealand

The Box:
For me, MaD CrossFit is home, so it´s hard for me to not be biased. Of all the boxes I´ve visited I maintain that this is one of the best. Although this is obviously due to the year I spent training there, getting to know the coaches, the routine and being involved in the MaD CrossFit community, you can´t argue that the quality of the coaches, programming and people is definitely very high.

Bad As chicks

The MaD girls at the 2012 Bad As female weightlifting comp


Matt and Donna, the owners of MaD, are enthusiastic coaches with a lot of experience. Having been certified CrossFit coaches since 2008, they´ve subsequently got a number of other certifications under their belts. Their experience shows in their ability to teach good form, correct poor form and run well-programmed classes that include stretching, mobility, weightlifting, skills practise and WODs. Read the rest of this entry

CrossFit and Travel Combined

How can you choose a CrossFit box to train at if you don’t know what you should be looking for?  And how can you judge the quality of your CrossFit box if you’ve never experienced another one?

CrossFit.  Travel.  Two passions combined.

From the snow covered mountains of New Zealand´s South Island, to Dubai´s dusty desert and Spain´s stunning beaches I´ve wandered.  And I´ve boxed jumped.  I´ve visited as many CrossFit boxes as time, logistics and priorities have allowed.  Following the affilitate finder map, I’ve kept off the tourist trail as much as possible, been to some amazing places, met inspiring people, kept relatively (?!) fit and had room for that self-exploration that so many travellers seem to crave.

And now you reap the benefits.  Check out the straight-talking, honest reviews about the boxes I’ve visited for more of an idea of what you can expect from your box.  These reviews are entirely from my point of view and experience. It has been interesting to see how every box is run slightly differently. What I look for and like will be different to you, so the summaries are as factual as possible.

Finding new limits at the beach. Tawharanui, Northland, NZ.

Finding new limits at the beach. Tawharanui, Northland, NZ.

There are a few other Bits ‘n’ pieces also worth a read, like why weightlifting is so important for girls, why we should stop obsessing so much about being skinny and a piece about an endurance swimmer who turned to CrossFit for increased gains.

The Travel section in Box Jumping offers an alternative insight to a range of travel destinations. This is a CrossFit-free section of the website, with information on local favourties, food and festivals, and how to get the most out of random destinations.

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